President’s Speech

My fellow Americans, we are in a dire situation. I have decided that we need to make
drastic changes for the better before time is out. I have been working for years on this
speech, and how to achieve everything contained within it. I can assure you that not a
word of it will not happen. Everything I speak of here is the truth and the direction that I
am going to lead this country. There are several key points to cover here, and so I’ll start


Debt should not be any person, or company’s source of income. Whether this is credit
cards, or housing companies, or insurance companies. We need to realize that spending
15 years to pay off a home is not the American Dream, it is willful slavery imposed by a
misguided notion that freedom is based in social standings and material goods.

For this reason, as of July 4th 2011, not a single American will owe anything to any
company or corporation. What you possess, you own. All credit card, housing, medical,
dental, or other debt will be reduced to zero.

This is the last time anyone will be able to live beyond their means. Making $30,000 a
year and owning a $150,000 home should be seen as an insurmountable task. Debt is
not freedom. You are not living the American Dream if you are a slave to your credit
card company, the IRS, the medical insurance companies. You are free to make enough
money as you wish, and make all of the possessions that come with that income. You are
not free to ask money of a company who will gladly show you the bottom line to keep
you captive. The ability to choose to be a slave is not for our country here. There are
plenty of other countries that will gladly restrict your freedoms and make you a slave if
that is your choosing. America is the land of the free.

Companies are the new plantation owners, and just as slavery had no place in America in
Lincoln’s time, neither does this new form of slavery have a place in ours.

It is our nation’s Independence Day, it is the day of our freedom. The time to break free
of the ties that bind.

Morale Stimulus

With no debts, the freedom to live within our means is finally attainable. We can now
set up our future for our children and our children’s children. With no debt, people will
be able to make the purchases they have been wanting to but were unable to because
of unforeseen medical expenses, necessary transportation needs, or because of the
impressively misleading campaign that every one of us perpetrated: that of the ideal
American life, the Dream. This is everyone’s fault, and all of our problem. There is no
more us versus them. No more wealthy versus poor, or republican versus democrat. We
are all Americans and anything that blurs that line, anything that makes us forget to love
our fellow man, that everyone has loved ones and problems, should be taken hold of by

all of us.

Revitalizing our country

We are coming home. Everyone. We are not closing our borders, but rather, respecting
everyone else’s.

Germany, Japan, the Middle East, and many other locations have thousands and
thousands of our troops. They are so far from home. However, I cannot in good
conscience ask them to come back to a home that has no place for them, a home that
promises low wages, high unemployment rates, medical expenses, and technology that is
behind the places they are coming from. This would not be bringing them home; it would
be dragging them down.

That being said, our war is here. We are at war with time and cruelty. We are at war
with ourselves. This is a much harder war to rage. The one inside of us. We will need
the support of every man, woman, and child, to win this war. Time has not been kind
to us and we have fallen behind. Astronomical debts to other countries, diminishing
infrastructure countrywide, and states going bankrupt. We cannot possibly help other
countries, we cannot repay our debts, if we are not helping ourselves first. We must
rebuild the foundation so that we can stand tall, stand solidly, and attain our goals of
freedom and the pursuit of happiness.

The Pursuit of Happiness

In our continued pursuit for happiness, we have become sidetracked in things we thought
would make us happy. A mortgage on a home, another car, fast food. These things hold
no intrinsic happiness in them and are only in the beholder. These things create debt to
their imbibers, sometimes permanent, debts that one will not pay off in their lifetime. Our
obesity rate is just one indication of this. We are not healthy, not physically, or mentally
well. How can a citizenship pursue its dreams and goals if it is not in top health?

I am eliminating the corn subsidies and going to subsidize and provide food for all of this
country’s citizens. I will move all non-organic subsidies immediately into the processing
of pesticide free, healthy, organic foods. Every person will be given a card. This card
will be delivered to everyone who filled out the Census, and everyone who did not will
be able to apply for this card at a number of locations. This card will work as a country-
wide food stamp. It’s also a discount card. All organic foods will be much cheaper. I
have a team of economists and doctors working on how much money this card will be
good for. We are going over the Census records and counting the number of people in
every household, how much food a 2000 calorie diet would allow all members in the
household, and it will be renewed at the end of every month. Yes, this will be a month’s
supply of food for every person for a whole month, every month. For free. Anything over
this amount, you will have to pay for out of pocket just as with food stamps. We will
have a list of approved foods that you can purchase with this card. The idea here is the
same as raising the price on cigarettes. If you really want to smoke, you will have to pay

more money for it. In this same vein, if you really want to eat unhealthy foods, you will
have to pay more for it.

This leads me to my next point: universal healthcare. This includes medical, dental, and
visual. You do not need a card, you do not need to be a citizen. If you are a human and
you are sick, you can go to a hospital and receive the necessary healthcare you need.

The money for all of this will be taken care of by reducing our defense spending, ending
the war on drugs through decriminalization and eventually legalization, and stimulating
our economy. The amounts we are spending on defense are unbelievable and must be put
towards our wellbeing.

Big Changes:

Free electric car with any vehicle trade-in: These will be highly specialized, small
and very cheap to make vehicles that should be used at any time you are not needing to
transport more than five people, or needing to haul large items around. From going to a
from work, to road trips, to grocery shopping. These are fully tested and qualify to the
same standard of safety as all other vehicles on the market. And repairs are free. Yes, you
will never pay for tires, repairs, oil changes, nothing. These vehicles and everything that
goes into them will be completely American made, and insurance is included in every
trade in. These cars are automatically insured. This will be like the new original Ford.

There is no status to be had in expensive vehicles. Efficiency and your ability to help
yourself and everyone else is the real status symbol. This will drive down prices at the
pump, and reduce our oil dependence by more than half. This money we have been
spending to get more oil has been funding al Qaeda, and terrorist organizations. We must
stop this funding as immediately as possible, and the fastest way is to reduce the demand.

Countrywide bullet train transit: The country’s existing railroad is outdated and slow
and must be brought to a new era. The price of plane tickets have significantly increased
and between this and our vehicular oil consumption, it’s no wonder the prices have
skyrocketed. With the creation of a national bullet train system, travel will be faster,
safer, cleaner, and less expensive than ever.

Green Optimizations: Installing solar panels onto the roof of every house in the country
and connecting it to the local grid is my next job creation. This will be government
contract work. This will reduce our electricity consumption, further reducing our oil
dependence. Along with large wind and hydro farms across the country, we should be
energy independent within ten years. Let us take from this planet what it gives us and
turn it into something amazing.

Imagine the Future:

Imagine you wake up tomorrow, and you do not have the worries you woke up with

today. Are you sick? You will be healthy, because you are loved and taken care of by
your fellow country members. Are you in debt? There is no more debt, you owe nothing
to anyone except to keep yourself and everyone else as healthy and happy as you can
imagine. Are you not making enough money to live? Even if you lose your job, even if
you are fired or you quit, you will have enough money for yourself and your family to
eat. If any of you get sick, you will never not be cared for. Worried about the roof over
your head? With the reduction of debt, apartment complexes, and renting will be the new
ideal. More and more apartments will be build much cheaper and more efficiently. If you
cannot afford your current rent, I assure you that it will not take long for you to get back
on top.

Wake up. Wake up and breath the free air. Pursue your happiness every day.

Thank you.


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